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A podcast about the people and places that make Houston Houston. Hosted by local transplant, Luke Brawner.

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    Leader of the PAC(K), with Terry Williams, Jr.

    In the first episode of Season 3, Houston-native Terry Williams, Jr. shares his story of growing up all over this city, discovering an uncommon interest in sports, and eventually opening up his own gym with a unique format for group exercise, and the motivation behind it.

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    Fall Beers & October Fun

    In this bonus episode Nick Willard previews the Fall's best Houston beers in our first installment of #BrewstonTX for Season 3. We also have our first update from Natalie and Anastasia of in their new monthly segment about all the fun events coming up in the city of Houston, In The Loop!

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    Listening & Learning, with Britt Hawthorne

    In the Season 2 finale, Houston-based anti-bias, anti-racist educator, and wife of our last guest, Britt Hawthorne, shares her amazing story of growing up in small-town Illinois, learning to embrace and celebrate her blackness in a predominantly white environment, and standing in the gap for anyone who's ever been made to feel "other."

    Also in this episode is our next installment of #BrewstonTX, hosted by Nick Willard, and featuring the founder of forthcoming Houston brew-pub, Stained Glass Beerworks, Andy Benton.

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    Rebel, with Shayne Hawthorne

    Shayne Hawthorne, the creative director of Houston hybrid gallery and barber shop, CRWN, shares the story of his life growing up in Illinois as the only child of a single mother, discovering a love for art, getting into trouble with the law, and finding his way as a barber.

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    Why Not?, with Alecia Lawyer

    In this episode of The H, Alecia Lawyer, founder of ROCO, shares her story of growing up in a small East Texas town, falling in love with physics, stumbling into an audition at one of the world's most prestigious music schools, and starting the most unique chamber orchestra you've ever heard of.

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    The Journeyman, with Thomas Csorba

    Houston born and raised singer/songwriter Thomas Csorba tells his story of getting his start in the music industry as a teenager, and the places its led him in the years since.

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    Balancing Act, with Matt Toomey

    In this episode of The H, Matt Toomey, founder of Boomtown Coffee, shares his story of growing up in Houston, and balancing life as an entrepreneur, husband and father of four.

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    The Blue Lotus, with Kevin Durham

    Rapper Kevin Durham shares the story of his life growing up in Central Texas as the younger brother to a local rap hero and his own personal journey as an artist. Also on this episode, the return of our segment on Houston's greatest sports fans, Houston Homers!

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