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A podcast about the people and places that make Houston Houston. Hosted by local transplant, Luke Brawner.

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    The Blue Lotus, with Kevin Durham

    Rapper Kevin Durham shares the story of his life growing up in Central Texas as the younger brother to a local rap hero and his own personal journey as an artist. Also on this episode, the return of our segment on Houston's greatest sports fans, Houston Homers!

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    The Patient Hustler, with Basya Benshushan

    In this episode of The H, marketing and social media professional Basya Benshushan shares her story of growing up as one of six kids in the Jewish community of Meyerland in Southwest Houston. Hear about her journey of self-discovery as an artist, entrepreneur, mother and all-around creative force in this city.

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    Storyteller, with Hunter Atkins

    Sports Reporter Hunter Atkins of the Houston Chronicle shares his story of growing up in a privileged family in New York City, discovering a passion for the art of journalism, struggling through unemployment, running from bulls, and the many adventures he's experienced in his life as a journalist.

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    Sweet, Sweet Lemonade, with Nammy Sirur & Pavi Dinamani

    In this episode of The H, hear the story of Nammy Sirur and Pavi Dinamani, an unlikely pair of misfits from India who found each other here in Houston, became the best of friends, and eventually business partners, starting a channel aimed at other misfits just like them.

    Also on this episode: our next installment of The Dish, in which Jenny, Ranelle & Lara visit the amazing Peli Peli in The Vintage.

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    Nick Panzarella: 'Pon Artist

    What does it look like to learn about, embrace, preserve and share another culture? And why do it? On this episode of The H, Luke visits with Nick Panzarella, founder and CEO of Houston-based Wild South Tea Company about the work he's doing to preserve the cultures of others.

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    [FOLLOW UP] Jane Wild

    Luke catches up with Jane Wild, owner of Jane & John Dough Bakery and guest from the very first episode of The H, Jane and the Lion!

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    Terroir, with Elyse Blechman

    Coffee, beer, wine, whisky... Those who know them best know that even their most subtle characteristics are determined by the conditions under which their ingredients grow; the mineral content of the soil, their exposure to sunlight, air quality, etc., or as the French call it, their terroir. In this episode Luke sits down with local Scotch guru Elyse Blechman to hear her story and learn about the various environmental factors that shaped her character.

    Also on this episode, Nick Willard visits with the owner of the Cypress' first nanobrewery, Wicked Boxer Brewing, on the first segment of #BrewstonTX.

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    Big Wheel, with George Foreman IV

    To what extent is your identity connected to the names you were given when you were born? Imagine growing up the son of a sports legend and bearing his name; the pressure that would come with it, the assumptions people would make about you. That's exactly the experience George Foreman IV had as one of boxing legend George Foreman's five sons, all bearing their father's name. In the debut episode of Season 2 of The H, Luke sits down with George IV to hear about his journey of self-discovery.

    Also on this episode, for our first installment of The Dish for Season 2, in which Megan, Jenny, Ranelle & Luke visit Republic Diner in the Heights, and talk to it's founder, Ken Bridge of Delicious Concepts.

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    Peaceful Bones, w/ Dr. Sam Axelrad

    In this, the final episode of Season 1, Houston native, Dr. Sam Axelrad shares his remarkable story about serving as a surgeon in Vietnam, his unlikely friendship with an enemy soldier, and the book he's written about his life, Peaceful Bones.

    Also on this episode, for our fifth installment of #BrewstonTX, Nick visits with Amanda Mixon and Kyle Pearson, owners of Spring Branch's incredible craft beer pub and restaurant, The Branch.

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