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A podcast about the people and places that make Houston Houston. Hosted by local transplant, Luke Brawner.

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    I Hate Green Beans, w/ Lincee Ray

    In this episode, Luke talks to author/blogger, Lincee Ray, about growing up in a tiny East Texas town, living and working at Walt Disney World, and eventually being forced to hit the reset button on her life, and moving to Houston. Also on this episode, Nathan Williams sits down with fellow Houston Astros superfan, Cambo Nelson, on the final installment of Houston Homers for this season!

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    Human HQ, w/ Dr. Beatriz Craven

    In this episode, Luke talks to Dr. Beatriz Craven, owner of Modern Therapy and Human HQ about the path that led her to a career in psychology, and why she believes everyone could benefit from therapy.

    Also on this episode, Angela, Jenny, Megan & Ranelle talk about their visit to Crisp in the Heights, on the final installment of The Dish for this season!

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    Low-Fi Pralines, w/ Jason Kerr & Becca Reyenga

    In this episode, Luke talks to local chef, Jason Kerr and confectioner, Becca Reyenga about their love for food, for farmers markets, for Houston and for one another. Also on this episode, Nathan Williams chats with Jordanian superfan of Houston Cougar football, Ahmed Khawaja about how he fell in love with his favorite team on the inaugural installment of Houston Homers!

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    Brush Fires & Bomb Shelters, w/ Josh Moore

    In this episode, Luke sits down with local musical prodigy, record producer and gifted all-around creator, Josh Moore and hears his story of growing up in a nationally touring band, and eventually getting deeply involved with the Houston rap scene. Also on this episode, Nick chats with Matt from Sigma Brewing in the East End for the fourth installment of #BrewstonTx.

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    Finca Tres Robles, w/ the Garcia-Prats Brothers

    In this episode, Luke talks to Mark, Tommy & Dan Garcia-Prats about growing up in a family of 12, and the paths that led each of them to opening Houston's first all organic urban farm, Finca Tres Robles.

    Also on this episode, the girls from The Dish share about their experience at Slowpoke's in Garden Oaks.

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    Light & Darkness, w/ Lanecia Rouse Tinsley

    In this episode, Luke sits down with local painter, photographer, writer, thinker, speaker and activist, Lanecia Rouse Tinsley, to hear the story of her life, growing up in South Carolina as a pastor's kid, confronting racial inequality, discovering her love for art, and the role it's played in helping her through seasons of great loss.

    Also on this episode, we introduce a new segment, Houston Homers, featuring stories of Houston sports' most loyal superfans, hosted by perhaps the most loyal of them all, Nathan Williams.

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    Houston Traffic, w/ Erica Raggett

    In this episode, Luke takes a hard look at the dark reality of human trafficking in the city of Houston, and meets a few local folks who are working hard to combat it. Namely, Erica Raggett, the Founder and Executive Director of A 2nd Cup, a coffee house in the Heights that's using coffee to end modern-day slavery.

    Also on this episode, in the third edition of #BrewstonTX, Nick visits with Jeff Handojo at 11 Below Brewing in NW Houston.

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    Choosing Whimsy, w/ Steve Wallace

    In this episode, Houston entrepreneur and founder of the lifestyle brand Kintigo, Steve Wallace, tells the story of his short-lived college football career, and how an arm injury, and several other setbacks along the way, ultimately led him to where he is today.

    Also on this episode, in the second edition of The Dish, Ranelle, Jenny, Megan and Angela talk about their experience at Glass Wall in the Heights.

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    Nate Beavers: The Realest

    In this episode, Houston-based tattoo artist, Nate Beavers, shares his story of growing up in Houston, discovering and developing his gift for art, and the years he's spent fighting to figure out exactly who he is as an artist. Also on this episode, in the second edition of #BrewstonTX, Nick and Luke sit down with the owners of Houston independent craft beer distributor, Bluebonnet Distributing.

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    Ben Jackson: Professional Interrupter

    In this episode, Luke sits down with Houston-based, international award-winning magician, Ben Jackson, to hear his story, and the role the city of Houston has played in the pursuit of his craft and career. Also on this episode, hear about Cypress' favorite farm-to-table cafe, Season's Harvest, in the first edition of The Dish, a segment in which four local foodie friends tell you all about the best culinary spots in Houston!

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